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Why buy from us

Why buy from us

We’re here for Croydon

We’re born in Croydon, and our focus remains there.  We want to create properly designed, good quality homes for people who live and work in Croydon, first and foremost.  We mainly build on smaller plots of land within existing communities, and we want to add to them in a positive way with well-designed new homes and improved shared spaces.

We’re socially-minded

We deliver a high proportion of affordable homes across our portfolio, including affordable rent and shared ownership. We offer local people priority on buying our homes, with different affordable options including Shared Ownership and Help to Buy. We create homes that are sustainably built and economical to run. And where possible, we employ and train local people to help deliver our housing programme.

We’re trying something new

We’re not the only council-owned developer, but we’re leading the way with our design-led approach.  We’re setting standards, winning awards and trying new things.  The general consensus is that there’s no single solution to the housing crisis, the answer lies in trying lots of different ideas. We’re one new idea – a way of creating new homes and opportunities for Croydon.