Potential future sites

Potential future sites

Brick By Brick is a developer built for Croydon. We’re building hundreds of new, high-quality homes each year and sending the proceeds to Croydon Council to invest in public services. We’re a new kind of developer, delivering the housing local people need and putting the profits to work for the local population.

As a developer we are always looking for possibilities to create new homes. Every year we compile a batch of sites that could be suitable for new homes. We then do site investigations, and they are checked for viability, i.e. does it make financial sense to build there?  Then we move to the design and consultation stage.

We use a platform called Commonplace, where all the consultation information can be found. We host a series of events to gather views from residents and organisations on draft proposals for these new homes and to give people the opportunity to get involved further in the design and planning process prior to submitting a planning application to Croydon Council. Our commitment is to build much-needed homes, of all tenures, for the people of Croydon, who will have priority access to these homes.

Which sites are being proposed, and where are they?

The proposed sites are all listed on Commonplace.  If planning consent is given, then the site becomes a confirmed future Brick By Brick site, and is listed in Our projects on our website.

Why have I received a leaflet from Brick by Brick?

If you have received a leaflet from Brick By Brick, your home or business is within approximately 100 metres of a site that we are planning to develop. The leaflet will inform you about events and other opportunities for local residents and businesses to give their views and feedback. In some cases, this will be to talk to you about some of our initial design proposals, and in others, we would simply like to talk to you about your local area.

When do we know if Brick By Brick will definitely be building on these sites?

After initial site investigations, sites are that are suitable for development are taken to the design stage.  The final development proposals will be influenced by feedback from local residents and businesses gathered at public events, from feedback from Croydon Council as the Local Planning Authority through a pre-application process, and also influenced by what is feasible within existing site constraints.  When we have full proposals, we share them at a planning committee meeting to ask for consent to proceed. All sites will require planning permission before they can be built on.

How can I find out when the public events are for sites near me?

Information about any upcoming events can be found on Commonplace.


What will Brick By Brick do with the comments received at the public events?

Brick By Brick will review all the comments received, and where appropriate, we will work with the project teams to make amendments to the development proposals where it is feasible to do so, before submitting a planning application.

Once a planning application is submitted, you will have a further opportunity to review the plans and formally comment via the council’s website https://publicaccess3.croydon.gov.uk/online-applications until the stated deadline. These comments are submitted directly to Croydon Council as the Local Planning Authority.

The following link contains useful information on how to comment on planning applications https://www.croydon.gov.uk/sites/default/files/articles/downloads/Note%204%20-%20How%20to%20comment%20on%20a%20planning%20application.pdf

What if I cannot make the public event?

You can also comment on the proposals online here. 

Each site will go live from the day of the first public event for that site. You will be able to view the information that is being presented at the event on-line and will have an opportunity to comment on the proposals.  You will still have the opportunity to comment on-line even if you do attend the event as we recognise that some people like time to consider things before commenting.

I am concerned about the level of disruption during the building works if new homes are to be built on the site. How will this be managed?

We aim to keep any inconvenience to a minimum during the development process. We expect our building contractors to register for the Considerate Contractor Scheme.  This scheme aims to ensure that contractors follow a code of practice that includes Care about Appearance (site set up and staff), Respect the Community, Protect the Environment, Secure everyone’s Safety and Value their Workforce.

Residents will be invited to a ‘Meet the Contractor’ event before the main works start on site and will receive regular newsletters from contractors giving details of progress on site and upcoming works, along with details of who to contact in the event of any concerns.  Notices will also be clearly displayed on site noticeboards.  In addition, for larger developments, residents and key stakeholders within the catchment area will be invited to attend regular meetings or drop-in sessions with Brick By Brick and the building contractor appointed to carry out the construction works.

Once the public events are complete, when and how will I find out what the final proposals look like?

We will provide updates via our online engagement forum here where you can also register your details if you would like to receive regular updates.  There will also be an opportunity to comment online via the Planning Portal (more information on this in Q4. above) where the final plans will be available to view.

I am interested in living in one of Brick By Brick's new homes. How can I find out more?

If you are interested in living in one of our homes, you can register your interest here and we will keep you informed as the development progresses.  If you are interested in buying a home from Brick By Brick you can also register your interest here. You can select any of our existing development(s) you are specifically interested in.  The new developments we are currently engaging on will be added to the list after planning permission is granted.


How can I find out more about Brick By Brick?

Please see here for more information about Brick By Brick, why we were set up and our aims.

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