Sharing skills with a local school

Sharing skills with a local school

Last week two members of our construction team, along with representatives from Henry Construction (our contractors on several schemes), attended a careers day hosted at the Oasis Academy, Shirley Park School in Croydon.

The fair, aimed at pupils in Years 3 to 6, was a way to get the children thinking about their futures with a focus on those starting secondary school in September. The day started with the team introducing Brick By Brick and what a typical day for a Construction Manager involves, followed by a fun design workshop on the theme of ‘eco-friendly’ classrooms.

This really let the children’s imaginations run wild and it was a whole lot of fun! The ideas they came up with were smart and thoughtful, including learning with animals, using more video games/AI and having a sweet vending machine. We’re not sure the teachers liked this last one so much!

Although it was a fun exercise, it was also the first time some of the children had never heard the term ‘eco-friendly’, so we explained the term as best we could, using examples such as brick samples and solar panels.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with some of the other professions, including the Henry reps, which gave the children time to ask lots more searching questions. It was heartening to see such young children have such a wide variety of queries. We even managed to persuade one young boy to change his future career choice from ‘rapper’ to ‘architect’. Although we felt he could comfortably do both!

It was a lovely day out with lots of smiling and we hope we recruited some amazing new built environment talent for the future.