“The design and build quality are fantastic” – a recent buyer describes his move

“The design and build quality are fantastic” – a recent buyer describes his move

Sam’s new apartment

Moving into a new home during the Coronavirus pandemic isn’t ideal, but it’s a long-term decision, and we’re pleased that one of our newest buyers feels it was the right one for him.

Sam moved from Herne Hill to our Auckland Rise scheme in Upper Norwood, explaining “Crystal Palace also has a really nice small village/community feel about it with lots of leafy green streets and independent shops, as well as being a quick train journey into central London”. As a South Londoner already, Sam was well aware of the area, especially Crystal Palace park, “[the park] is fantastic. I’ve been going there for years and it’s never too busy – even in the height of summer.”

People have recently been spending more time in local parks, especially during lockdown while many shops and local amenities have been closed. Green spaces and the place we call home have felt all the more valuable. Sam is no exception, saying “it’s great to finally have my own space, especially as I’ll now be working from home into 2021.”

Sam’s kitchen

The location was just one aspect that tempted Sam to buy through Brick By Brick. “The design and build quality are fantastic”, he explains. “Guests always comment on the flooring and kitchen especially. A friend of mine was looking into getting a similar kitchen and was surprised at how expensive it was compared to the price of the property. I looked at several other properties in the area that had very cheap and poorly built interiors, but were going for the same price. Unlike other developers, Brick By Brick have put people before profit by making sure they have nice homes for years to come.” Sam feels that having a home that was designed by an architect made the apartment stand out: “It has clearly made all the difference as this property is leagues ahead of others in the area”.  He adds that he liked that Brick By Brick is owned by the council, and the profits are returned to the community. “It’s also nice to know that as it’s backed by the council everything will be dealt with professionally”.

Sam is just one of our buyers who took the plunge and moved during the pandemic. His advice for those buying during this period is “make sure you feel you’re in a good position to move, and take the necessary precautions”.

If you’re looking to move why not get in touch with our sales team via email, or register your interest in a property today.