The councils quietly building a housing revolution

The councils quietly building a housing revolution

Housing Revolution

As we’re trying something new here at Brick By Brick, it’s not always easy to explain to people exactly how it all works.  So we were very grateful to Olly Wainwright at the Guardian for writing this piece about the different ways councils across the UK are starting to build again.

There are some innovative examples, all of which are ways that councils are finding to tackle the housing crisis and austerity cuts to the benefit of their local population.  Described as a ‘slow and gentle revolution’, new homes are actually being delivered, including the Stirling prize winning scheme in Norwich, designed by Mikhail Riches who have also designed some of our schemes.

“Nowhere along the way does money leak out to the private sector.”

Different councils have come up with different approaches, and Brick By Brick’s model is explained towards the end of the article.  Croydon is unique in its proximity to both London and the green belt, so we’ve found our own way of doing things.  Our first residents are now starting to move in, just three years after we were founded, and the years ahead will see more homes being delivered across the borough of Croydon.

Read the article here.