During lockdown consultation needs renewed effort

During lockdown consultation needs renewed effort

This week Brick By Brick was featured in an article on LocalGov called “During lockdown consultation needs renewed effort”.   The article discusses the new regulations allowing councils to use online media, in particular social media, for public consultations on planning applications, and recognises the efforts we made to reach out to local communities using Zoom technology alongside more traditional routes.

“It is encouraging to see the likes of Brick By Brick in Croydon hosting e-consultations about their plans on Zoom. Reports of the high numbers logging in to these types of sessions is proof that, [despite] the global health crisis, people are as keen as ever to hear about proposals and have their say.”

You can read the article here.

As well as running e-consultations, residents can post their views on our in-planning schemes on Commonplace. This forum allows residents to view current plans and comments, as well as finding the digital versions of the consultations boards, and leave comments that are registered and logged on the site. You can also find updates from our team on the site too.